Hi, I’m Sherri – lightworker, sacred artist, creative alchemist.

For years I’ve been on a quest to know and find my “bigger” purpose.  I’ve always known deep down inside that my life was meant for bigger things.  I used to let my ego rule this “bigger” concept, and was prone to really high “highs” and really low “lows”.  It never felt as though I could connect to this vision of my life because I was limited in my experience of it, I was essentially getting in my own way.

The ego likes to tell us that we are special because we are unique, because we have unique gifts.  The truth is, we are special because of the ways in which we are the same.

I like to create art, write, teach and sing – I’m certainly not the only person on the planet with these gifts!  Yes, it could be argued that the expression of these gifts are one of a kind because only I can express them as myself, but this is the snare of the ego – to elevate us above other people, or often times, put ourselves below other people through the process of comparison and judgment.

I’ve spent years now building shadow careers.  While they’ve all been creative, when I’m really honest with myself, I know they are not fulfilling my bigger purpose, my higher calling.

I’ve always been a creative person, it is part of the core of my being.  Naturally, I went to university to pursue a Fine Arts degree and then on to a post-graduate diploma in Interactive Multimedia.  Along the way, I’ve done extensive coach training and coached at both the corporate and personal levels.  I’ve also done specialized training to deepen my understanding of self-deception through The Arbinger Institute.

Coaching started to open something inside of me, it started to show me that I had this ability to really see into the heart of a matter with laser like focus.  It also taught me that I am very sensitive to the energy of others.  I found this part of coaching to be personally exhausting, but I learned that I could take energy and amplify it back to a person or a group.  I could also transmute energy and take what was of a lower vibration and amplify back a higher energetic vibration.  It showed up as an expression of the eternal optimist, and while I’ve struggled with thoughts and emotions that don’t serve, I have always been able to turn a mood or vibe around and hold expansive space for others to look at their lives and the world around them in a different way.

These experiences have taught me that we must all be vigilant in our thoughts and feelings because we are co-creating this world, one with another through our thoughts, through our feelings, through our words and through our actions.

This is by no means a new concept, but I’ve realized that I can serve as a reminder of this for people, for those who feel a connection to my energy and message.  My work is actually quite simple, I create art, craft words and stories, and share my intuitive abilities to help you live in accordance with your heart – one where you are connected and grounded in the moment.  My work embodies principles of living in the moment, listening for Source wisdom, and acting on it.

They say that the teacher teaches what she most needs to learn and this is true for me.  I don’t have all the answers, I don’t have it all figured out, I’m humbled that you are even taking the time to read this because you see, we are all on this life journey and we are all creating reality – reality is not happening to us, we are co-creating it.  It seems almost like magic or wizardry, and really, when it comes right down to it, life is magic, we are magic, and we create the meaning in our lives.

We all have an ancient wisdom inside of us, our intuition – it emerged long before the intellect, and when we tap into it, magical things happen in our lives.  Your intuition is moving through you right now, in this very moment.  It is what led you here, it is what makes certain things “land” on your psyche, it is the gentle whisper of the next right thing to do.

I hope you enjoy my work and I look forward to continually bringing you new art, perspectives, and above all, loving energy.

Love and Gratitude,

A Snapshot CV

  • Graduated from Brock University with a Fine Arts Degree in 1996
  • Worked at Brock University as a Studio Assistant and Art History Teaching Assistant from 1995 until 1998
  • Graduated from Niagara College with an Interactive Multimedia Post Graduate Diploma in 1998
  • Worked at Center for Development of Human Services as a Multimedia Developer and Trainer from 1998 until 2001
  • Did a teaching stint at Niagara College teaching Adobe Flash and Fireworks in 2001
  • Worked at SWS Warning Systems as a Marketing Manager (among other things) from 2001 until May of 2014
  • Opened South Coast Laser, a custom laser etching business with my husband Matt in 2010
  • Graduated from Coach U in 2011
  • Trained to be an Arbinger Facilitator in March of 2012
  • Participated in Marie Forleo’s 8-week online B-School Training in 2013
  • Created a side line business RV I.D. Signs selling custom designed and etched RV signs in June of 2014
  • Worked as a freelancer doing web design and graphic design all through the years
  • Met a lot of amazing people along the way and continue to meet other online soulpreneurs that knock my socks off!