Sacred Art has the power to embody a frequency, to hold steadfast that which
serves our Highest Good.
We stand at the threshold of unprecedented power,  an awakening expansion of our collective consciousness.

My work and teaching ground Soul frequencies in physical form, creating solid, energetic containers that bridge

3D reality with 4D potentiality and beyond.

What is Sacred Art and How Can it Assist Me?

Sacred Art, or the Threshold Object, is an energetic helper to assist with Soul Ascension. As Souls living a human experience, many distortions disrupt our energy system and energy centers. Our energy is in constant flux. As we awaken more fully to our co-creative power and abilities, creating high vibration environments with Sacred Art can be tremendously helpful.

We are all on an awakening trajectory, and it can be a bumpy ride!  We are collectively being called to heal the shadow aspects of our being, to invite our true Soul essence to come to the forefront. Our natural Soul state is one of joy, abundance, truth and love. Sacred Art is a container for stable, solid, Soul frequencies that serve as a bridge from where we are now, to where we are headed. Our Souls are undergoing a frequency shift from third density reality to fourth and fifth densities of love/compassion and wisdom.

Like octaves on a piano, our Soul is on a journey through the scale, fully consolidating and harmonizing with the characteristics of each note.  Whenever we are on the threshold of one note for another, there are Soul Technologies that can assist us.  This is the crux of my work. While many healers work directly with your energy system, my form of healing is through the Threshold Object, a high vibration container for your energy to attune to. This energetic support facilitates the release of all that no longer serves your Highest Good, while attracting and inviting the high vibration energies that do serve your Highest Good. Threshold Objects assist in preparing your vessel to carry the higher frequencies necessary for Soul ascension.

Flower of Life Crystal Grid

“I eagerly awaited for my grid to arrive and I just couldn’t be more pleased. Sherri’s artistry is simply amazing and she has raised the bar on Sacred Commerce. I felt her personal and uplifting touch in every aspect of my purchase and I felt truly special. My beautiful grid is already in use on my daily altar and will be for years to come. Thank you Sherri!” Laura

Energetic Boutique

You are a vessel of Divine Sacred Love. Yes You! With every thought and intention you have access to this Expansive Field of Love and Infinite Possibility.

Come explore my Intention Boutique where Sacred Art grounds infinite, energetic potential in physical form, serving but one prime directive;

Your Highest Good.

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“Sherri’s work is pure magic! The cube is exquisite, perfectly crafted and embodies the purest energy. I could just feel the Love Sherri had poured into its making when I opened the parcel. And I love looking at it and intentionally working with it. It is one of the most beautiful presents I made to myself! What a beautiful gift you are sharing with the world, Sherri!” Melanie
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“There are some people you instantly fall in love with and recognize that they have something very, very special going on…that someone being the divine Sherri Hayter. This woman is clearly tapped in and her exquisite artistic creations and metaphysical tools are helping to anchor in some super potent energies to raise the consciousness on the planet. I am BEYOND thrilled with the crystal grid boxed set that she created for me and have been manifesting things like crazy ever since I got it! I’ve truly never encountered anything quite like it.” Karolyn

The Crystal Grid Experience

Crystal Grids are potent energetic tools that assist us with manifesting through the amplifying power of sacred geometry, crystals and intention.  They continuously run high vibration energy that acts much like a powerful magnet, while at the same time, creating an energetic environment that is conducive to manifesting thought forms (intention) into physical reality.

The Crystal Grid Experience is a self-paced exploration into the world of crystal grids.  Steeped in ancient wisdom, crystal teachings, the power of intention and so much more, the Crystal Grid Experience will have you creating nurturing energetic containers to hold your most sacred intentions, supporting you in manifesting your deepest desires.

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“The Crystal Grid Experience is an amazing course!! I’ve collected crystals for some time now and recently received a grid, but put it away since I didn’t know how to use it. Then this course came through and it was above and beyond my expectations!! Sherri provides grids to practice with, then each module we learned how everything connects, from our grids, to the crystals, and to ourselves! We then learned how best to create a grid for our intentions.

Sherri is wonderful too, her energy and passion for crystals and grids really shines through, and she has taught me so much! I’m working with my crystal grid to create the life I desire, and the magic from it so far is amazing!! This is a wonderful course to unlock the power of the crystal grid and so much more!” Sara


Musings on Life, Beauty, Art and Ascension

I love to write!  While I don’t do it nearly as much as I’d like, I have set an intention for 2017 to write often and write consistently.  I will be sharing my thoughts and ideas about a variety of topics, weaving my downloads and insights within my blog and email broadcasts.
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